Vehicle Donation Program

Like other organizations, Family Promise SWPA accepts donation of used vehicles.  Instead of selling them at auction for operating money, we invest in making the necessary repairs to ensure the vehicle is safe and running well, then we pass that vehicle on free-of-charge to a family who has successfully completed our program.

For a parent trying to juggle work and childcare via public transportation, a vehicle is a game-changer.  For an adult trying to find work, a vehicle broadens significantly the opportunities they can pursue.

In the last year, FPSWPA accepted 4 vehicle donations.  We raised funds to make the needed safety repairs and when each was ready to be given to a family, we had to make the tough choice…which family?  Who is going to get this life changing gift?

We made four good choices… families in which one or both parents are working, families whose children can participate in sports and activities because they now have a ride, families that are who are doing their best to keep moving forward.

There are many other families whose lives can be impacted with the gift of a vehicle.  When you’re upgrading, please consider donating your gently-used car or mini-van to Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania.