What We Do

CHILDREN… the new face of homelessness in America. 1 in 30 American children experience homelessness annually; 51% are under age 5.

man and woman with small childIn response to this crisis, Family Promise brings the faith community together in a local partnership to help families experiencing homelessness. Through FPSWPA, families receive the assistance and compassionate care they need to restore their housing, independence and dignity.

Our network consists of 10-13 hosting congregations who provide space for up to 4 families, typically 14 individuals, mostly children, to stay for a week at a time.

Volunteers are the heart of the program and range from people cooking meals or moving beds to those sleeping overnight or playing games with children. A host congregation will host 5 or 6 weeks out of the year.

During the day, families are at the Day Center, where the Family Promise staff works intensively with them to find housing and employment and to become self-sufficient.

Volunteers driving the Family Promise van provide transportation to and from the Day Center and the church.

Social service agencies partner with the network to refer qualified families who are screened before they enter the program and provide additional services to help families who are striving for independence.

Family Promise is a national movement, with over 180 affiliates across the country. 6,000 churches and more than 135,000 volunteers are doing hands-on ministry work and enabling families who are experiencing homelessness to regain their housing, their independence, and their dignity.